Past Productions

Production  Author  Producer
1987 Big Bad Mouse Philip King & Faulkland L Cary Roger Handy
1988 Mystery at Greenfingers J B Priestley Betty Nicholas
1988 The Dear Departed Stanley Houghton Allen Huntington
1988 Knightsbridge John Mortimer Betty Nicholas
1989 The Wizard of Oz Alfred Bradley David Huntington
1989 Mother Figure Alan Ayckbourn Betty Nicholas
1989 Ladies in Retirement Edward Percy & Reginald Denham Betty Nicholas
1989 Field of Fashion Richard Tydeman
1990 Cat among the Pigeons Duncan Greenwood Betty Nicholas
1990 The Scatterbrained Scarecrow of Oz Alfred Bradley David Huntington
1990 Costa del Packet Anthony Booth
1990 Dark Brown Philip Johnson
1991 Ladies of Spirit Georgina Reid
1991 The Wind in the Willows John Morley Roger Handy
1991 What the Dickens Les Chaffer David Huntington
1992 A Collection Will Be Made Arthur Eckersley
1992 Time For Bed
1992 The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe Glyn Robbins David Huntington
1992 A Tomb with a View Norman Robbins Allen Huntington
1992 And there Be Dragons Keith Johnson Castle Players acted as extras in a CADW production in Beaumaris Castle
1993 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1993 Pools Paradise Phillip King
1994 Pongo Henry Livings Chris Pritchard
1994 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass Clemence Dane Roger Handy
1995 The Wild Goose Chase Derek Benfield Betty Nicholas
1996 700 Roger Handy & Sheila Healey Roger Handy
1997 Absent Friends Alan Ayckbourn Betty Nicholas
1998 A day in the death of Joe Egg Peter Nichols Roger Handy
1998 Plaza Suite Neil Simon Joan Vickers
1999 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore Joan Vickers
1999 Brush with a Body Maurice McLoughlin David Huntington
1999 Treasure Island David Huntington Joan Vickers & David Huntington
1999 What Ho Within Richard Tydeman
2000 Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas Joan Vickers & Roger Handy
2000 The Queens Ring & Token Joan Vickers
2001 Wizard of OZ. Alfred Bradley David Huntington
2001 Quest for the Whooperdink A H Teacy Joan Vickers
2001 Theatre of Varieties Various Sketches
2001 The Trial of Richard Rowlands
2001 Living Together Alan Ayckbourn Lesley Honnor
2002 Deadly Embrace Eric Plaice Lesley Honnor
2002 Steeping Out Richard Harris Brian Jones & Lesley Honnor
2002 Time and the Conways J B Priestley Joan Vickers
2003 In Room 504 Jimmie Chinn Anne Bowen
2003 Interior Designs Jimmie Chinn Mark Little
2003 Oliver Lionel Bart Joan Vickers
2003 Abigail’s Party Mike Leigh Lesley Honnor
2004 Oh What a Lovely War Theatre Workshop Roger Handy
2004 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew Robert Bolt Mark Little
2004 Zoo Story Edward Albie Kay Little
2004 Deckchairs Jean McConnell Joan Vickers
2004 How The Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn Joan Vickers
2005 Aladdin Betty Astell Kay Little & Fraser Ward
2005 The Crucible Arthur Miller Lesley Honnor
2005 Have your fortune told A peice created by the Young Castle Players Andrew Agace
2005 A Chorus of Dissapproval Alan Ayckbourn Mark Little
2005 Christmas Evening Various Artists Joan Vickers
2006 The Dresser Ronald Harwood Joan Vickers
2006 Guardian of the Sidewalk Bill Cleavelin Anthony Owen
2006 The Spanish Takeover Andrew Agace Andrew Agace
2006 Biology 100 Andrew Agace Andrew Agace
2006 Mr Wonderful James Robson Mark Little
2007 The Anastasia File Royce Ryton Joan Vickers
2008 Old Time Music Hall Joan Vickers
2008 Auto de Fe Tennessee Williams
2008 Gaslight Patrick Hamilton Lesley Honnor
2009 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn Mark Little
2009 The Wind in the Willows
2009 Strictly Come Tea Dancing Jane Handy
2010 Come Dine With Me Jane Handy Lesley Honnor
2010 Sandcastles Bob Larbey
2011 The Killing of Sister George Frank Marcus
2012 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
2012 Comedy of Errors William Shakespere Mark Little
2013 Cinderella
2014 Lettice & Lovage Peter Shaffer
2014 Twelth Night William Shakespere Mark Little
2014 Downturn Manor Jane Handy
2015 The Railway Children Mike Kenny Mark Little
2015 Midsummer Nights Dream William Shakespere Mark Little
2015 Broken Glass Arthur Miller Alex Agace
2016 Aladdin
2016 Curtain Up On Murder Bettine Manktelow
2017 Trouble in Pantoland Sharon Hulm
2017 Measure for Measure William Shakespere Mark Little
2017 Forget Me Not David Tristram Georgia Evans
N/K Hamlet (Tom Stoppards 15 minute version) Tom Stoppard Mike Smallman
N/K Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams Helena Eryri-Jones
N/K Continental Quilt Joan Greening Betty Nicholas
N/K What the Dickens Les Chaffer David Huntington
N/K The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe Glyn Robbins David Huntington
N/K Puss in Boots Mike Smallman Mike Smallman
N/K Midsummers Night Dream (Abridged) William Shakespere adapted by Mike Smallman Karen Narkiewicz
N/K Gosforth Fete Alan Ayckbourn
N/K Punch and Judy
N/K What Ho Within Richard Tydeman
N/K Unhand me Squire Richard Tydeman
N/K Ghost Train Arnold Ridley Ron Kelsall