Zoom Sketches November & December (Re broadcast) 2020

Zoom on a Broom

During the lockdown the Witches from Macbeth, just like the rest of us, are keeping in touch by Zoom. When will the three meet again and just where is the best place to buy Eye of Newt?”

Shakespeare tries to get his plays on the Disney Channel.

With the theatres closed William Shakespeare needs a new audience so he hawks his wares to Bob Chapek the CEO of the Disney Company.

Drinking with Alice

Bunny has an internet date in the Rabbit Hole Bar and is anticipating the disappointment of yet another unsuccessful evening. His mood is not improved when he arrives at the bar.

A New Star

A 21st Century story.

The Tragical History of Mark Drakeford and King Boris (A pastiche of the Witches’ scenes from ‘Macbeth’)

Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, has his eyes on ‘the big one’, Number 10, and the Witches are out to lead him astray. His ambition does the rest!

Meet me at the Station

Cathy and Bill parted in their teens over 50 years ago. He has tracked her down via Facebook, and is anxious to explain, why, all those years ago, he let her down so badly.  Cathy, against her better judgement has agreed to meet him on neutral ground at Euston Station. 

Conspiracy No5

Someone sent the Castle Players a covert recording of a government meeting. It seems not all is sweetness and light between the Civil Service and their political masters.

The Gentleman’s Club

The local paper announces the opening of a Gentleman’s Club in the High Street.  Connie surprises Bernard with her fear of allotment sheds while Rita and George discuss Battenburg cake, while avoiding taking the lift for fear of a Tsunami.