Step into the world of drama with the Castle Players Beaumaris — where every performance is a doorway to another realm.

Our stage has been a canvas for the vibrant colours of mystery, the resounding echos of laughter, and the poignant silences of drama. From the swashbuckling decks of pirate ships to the shadowy corners of mystery, our productions are an escapade we invite you to join.

Title Genre Date Playwright Description
Treasure Island Pantomime January 2024 Ben Crocker Upcoming pantomime production
Bon Voyage! Murder Mystery October 2023 Jane Handy Set in the 1930s aboard the luxury liner “Murania”. Audience members solve a murder mystery during the break
Going Green Tragic Comedy February 2023 David Tristram A non-political play set in a political environment where the protagonist, a Green Party leader, delivers a powerful farewell speech.
Puss in Boots Pantomime January 2023 Ben Crocker Classic pantomime performance with lots of laughs.
Dead Man’s Hand Whodunnit March 2022 Seymour Matthews A previously postponed whodunnit set to be performed at Llangoed Village Hall.
Where Have All the Boys Gone Play for Voices June 2020 Kevin Barnett A wartime play examining society's manipulation during WWI.